Who Are Empyrean Minds?

EMPYREAN: Em·py·re·an  \emˈpirēən\
adjective:  1. belonging to or deriving from heaven. (heavenly, celestial, ethereal, upper)
noun:  2. heaven, in particular the highest part of heaven (the heavens, the sky, the skies, the upper regions, the stratosphere)
MIND: \ˈmīnd\
noun:        1.  the part of a person that thinks, reasons, feels, and remembers
—used to describe the way a person thinks or the intelligence of a person

                   2. a very intelligent person

We are a collective mind-soul of musicians, writers, creative and progressive thinkers all in one central blog. We are here to connect through the universal language of music, urban arts, and culture. We celebrate progressive thinkers of our past and present, the young leaders of social and systematic change worldwide. Empyrean Minds is the medium by which we connect, communicate, share and enjoy great music and brilliant minds. It is no accident that you are here.  We hear you. We welcome you. Thank you for joining us.
Empyrean Oracle

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